News - Third ECOROADS test site visit planned on 17-18th August in Germany
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Third ECOROADS test site visit planned on 17-18th August in Germany


The next and third ECOROADS test site will take place on 17th and 18th August at Tunnel Rennsteig in Zella-Mehlis, Thüringen, Germany.

The test site is relevant for the ECOROADS projects because it consists of a tunnel chain (four tunnels) with different road sections between the tunnels (bridges, cuts). Especially the often short transition areas between the tunnels could be interesting to investigate in a road safety inspection. The advantage is also the possibility to eventually check two or more tunnels in one inspection campaign. Additionally the tunnels on the BAB A71 are all TERN tunnels equipped with the latest technical and safety installation required by the EC tunnel directive (2004/54/EC) and by the German national guideline RABT 2006 which is the national implementation of the EC tunnel directive. The national guideline RABT 2006 is in some aspects stricter than the EC tunnel directive. Therefore the German tunnels have a higher level of safety than tunnels equipped according to the standard requirements of the EC tunnel directive. Tunnel Rennsteig and its safety installations is representative for a typical German road tunnel although the tunnel is unique due to its length of nearly 8 km.

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