News - First set of ECOROADS field tests were performed in March and April 2016
Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations
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First set of ECOROADS field tests were performed in March and April 2016

RSI was performed at the Kennedytunnel in Antwerp and RSA and RSI was performed at the Krraba tunnel in Albania.


Following the organisation of the first workshop with stakeholders on 30th September 2015 and the seminar for the exchange of best practices on 19-20th November 2015, and on the basis of their outcomes, a preliminary version of the common procedures has been issued (project deliverable 5.1) and adopted for the execution of the two first test sites by providing full reports.

The first set of field tests were performed in March and April 2016. Specifically:

  • RSI was performed on 6-7th March 2016 at the Kennedytunnel in Antwerp, Belgium,

  • RSA and RSI was performed on 5-6th April at the Krraba tunnel, located along the Tirana – Elbasan highway in Albania.

The two feedbacks have a different structure, due to the different number of the external observers - higher in Krraba tunnel - and the additional RSA operation performed there. Both compare the operations actually conducted respect to the prescriptions in the project deliverable D5.1 “Definition of common procedures” for the joint safety inspections.

Preliminary conclusions

The report prepared after the two test sites, D5.2 -  Feedbacks from the first two test site is intended to feed the discussion in the next Workshop with stakeholders, finalized to a fine tuning of the above mentioned procedures and to drive the project activities towards the expected relevant improvement of the whole road infrastructure safety operations: it should be read after having read the above mentioned D5.1, in order to have a clear framework of the issues faced and to actively participate at the discussion. However, the following general aspects should be highlighted:

  •  The preliminary organization of the visit was more time consuming than expected and the role of the facilitator (as defined in D5.1) is essential;

  •  All the inspectors and observers higly appreciated the idea of the joint inspections, pointing out the advantages of, exchange of best practises, synergy of different knowledge and experience, different culture, legal conditions and local standards/guidelines;

  • This report will be updated in a new deliverable after the further three planned visits to be completed within the project.



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